Your Second Favourite Sketch Troupe.

We're almost as good as that group that you absolutely love.

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Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

We're performing for the second time at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival! It's the biggest sketch festival on the continent and opportunities are plentiful. We're just looking to make some friends and create a sense of warmth in these fierce winter months. 


Stage 773, 1225 West Belmont, Chicago Illinois. 60657

The "Pro" stage. 


Friday, January 15th and Saturday, January 16th, 11:00pm both nights.


Stick around and watch us in the Sketchubator on Saturday night at midnight- Right after our set.

Also- See see these Toronto troupes: 2 Humans, She Said What, Uncalled For.

And some of our favourite troupes who we only see on the circuit and never miss the chance to see: FUCT, Kerpatty!, Cupid Players, Elephant Larry, Rabbit Rabbit and Charles!

Photo by Dan Abramovici.